Episode #034 - Freelancing From the Road (feat. Lee Skopp) Part 2

May 21, 2018

We continue our interview with Lee Skopp as he shares his journey into videography and experience as a freelancer.


Episode #033 - Freelancing From the Road (feat. Lee Skopp) Part 1

May 14, 2018

Lee Skopp, photographer and videographer for Lacey Sturm, joins us this week to talk about his experience being to go on the road to do media work. Lee shares his practical tips for delivering a quality product to his clients while maintaining his sense of creativity - no matter what the job is.


Episode #032 - Life on the Road (feat. Benjamin Hull)

May 7, 2018

After just getting off of tour with Lacey Sturm on her Unstoppable Screams tour, I (Ben) trade places with Dan Scifo as he interviews me about tour life and the experience of traveling the country for the last 6 weeks!


Episode #031 - Maintaining Honesty and Integrity in Your Craft (Feat. Nick Kraeuter)

April 30, 2018

Fresh home from tour, I (Ben) sit down with Nick Kreuter (our drummer on the latest Lacey Sturm tour) to reflect on tour life, our experience playing in the Christian and mainstream markets, and how we go about maintaining honesty and integrity in our music and personal lives.

Not all things are as they appear to be as we've both experienced and had interaction with artists that appear dark on the surface wind up being the kindest and most generous individuals we've met. We hope this episode is enlightening as we explore the old adage: Don't judge a book by its cover.


Episode #030 - Confidence, Motivation and Humility (feat. Ryan, Justin and Riley of Righteous Vendetta)

April 23, 2018

Fresh off of their latest tour, I (Ben) sat down with Ryan Hayes, Justin Olmstead and Riley Haynie of the band Righteous Vendetta to talk about how they met each other, the journey, joys and struggles of playing in a touring band and how they keep a great attitude while on the road so much. Listen in as they go into depth about the importance of balancing confidence with humility in pursuit of your dreams. These guys are the real deal: great musicians, great performers and true friends! We hope you get a lot out of this episode from these incredible humans!

Righteous Vendetta - a New Wave Metalcore band based out of Cody, Wyoming - has just finished up a six-week US tour as the opening band on the Unstoppable Screams tour featuring Red and Lacey Sturm (whom I played bass for). They are currently working on new music, but you can check out their current album "Cursed" on all the streaming platforms, iTunes or wherever good music is sold!


Episode #029 - Building Your Business Around A Need You See (feat. Fred Findley)

April 16, 2018

Today on the Dream Loud Podcast we have a special guest; the owner of FineLine - Weddings & Studio: Fred Findley. Listen in to hear about his experience in starting a photography business - how he saw a need and created a business to serve his community around him.

Fred talks about how the role of a business owner is to solve problems everyday. When you have a problem you have an opportunity to contain it or permanently solve it. Problems are opportunities to make your business better.

Fred's mindset is contagious and he talks in depth about how mindset is key to changing your outlook on life. AKA: your words write your story. You have to realize that negativity will be the largest hindrance to being successful. You must surround yourself with people that have your best interest in mind and silence the voices that doubt you and only talk about the negative things that could come from pursuing your dream!

A final warning from Fred is that pleasure can replace the desire to achieve a goal. Our daily entertainment can actually be keeping you from achieving success!

We hope that your life is energized by this conversation with Fred!


Episode #028 - What Living by Faith Looks Like (feat. Amber Audia)

April 9, 2018

On the Podcast today, we have special guest Amber Audia (pastor at City Reach Westmoreland along with her husband Frank) to discuss her journey in founding a new church and the leap of faith it took to become a church-planter. Join us as we ask Amber what it looks like to found something bigger than yourself or what you think is possible and the struggles and victories that came from taking a huge leap of faith!


Episode #027 - Overcoming Your Worst Moments to Build a Legacy (Feat. Josh Doran)

April 2, 2018

Today it's just me (Ben) and my dear friend Josh Doran as our special guest on the podcast. Josh is a friend that I make way back when I was a sophomore in college; playing in our school Jazz band. Josh is a computer software engineer and a very talented musician who I have worked with on a number of projects. Join us in our conversation as we discuss topics of science, art, overcoming our most daunting mistakes and our attempt to leave a legacy in this world that is worth being remembered!


Episode #026 - Being Your Own Creative Boss (Feat. Josh Sturm)

March 26, 2018

Josh Sturm, guitarst for and husband to Lacey Sturm, is on the podcast today! Together we discuss the pros, cons and challenges of being your own boss in a creative field - as Josh has lots of years of experience doing that exact thing!


Episode #025 - How to Get Started in Audio Production (Feat. Zak Lees)

March 19, 2018

Zak Lee, drummer of Lacey Sturm, and I sit down to talk about getting started in audio production. From the stages of music production to the gear you need to get quality results; we lay out the information you need to start making music!