Episode #020 - Choosing To Do What You Love (Feat. Michael Sorg)

February 12, 2018

Joining us this week on the Dream Loud Podcast is podcaster and owner of Sidekick Media Services: Michael Sorg

Michael talks about how he started podcasting 12 years ago and how it has lead to the opportunities he has today. Stemming from his love of professional wrestling, he jumped head first into creating through the medium of podcasting and hasn't looked back since. Michael's passion and dedication to creating great content is contagious, inspiring and tangible as you will hear through the episode. Through trial and hardship, he talks about his incessant urge to create and do what he loves and now, the fruit of his labor is apparent in the various podcasts and business endeavors he is doing today. We hope this talk with Micheal inspires you, whether you are just starting or years down the road, to do what you love to do!

Michael Sorg is the owner/operator of Sorgatron Media Services where he provides creative media solutions to clients and the owner operator of Sorgatron Media where he creates and produces numerous podcasts including Wrestling Meyhem Show and AwesomeCast. You can learn more about Mike on his website: http://sorgatronmedia.com/ and be sure to catch the AwesomeCast on iTunes and other podcast outlets as it is one of our favorite podcasts!


Episode #019 - Authenticity, Culture & Relevance (Feat. Frank Audia)

February 5, 2018

In this episode of the Dream Loud Podcast we have very special guest Frank Audia, who not only is our pastor, but very dear friend.

We attempt to answer the tough questions as we ask Frank:

"What is the relevance of church in our age of post-modernism?"

"How can we find relevance in our lives and communities?" and,

"What role does culture have in spirituality and how do the two influence each other?"

His honest, candid, blunt and yet humorous approach to pastoring is a breath of fresh air in a field of work often regarded as stale and antiquated. We hope that you are enlightened by our conversation and are encouraged to find new relevance in your own live and community!

Frank is the pastor of City Reach Westmoreland Church located in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. For more information about Frank and his church, please go to westmoreland.cityreachchurch.org


Episode #018 - Finding Eternity in the Present (Feat. Lacey Sturm)

January 29, 2018

In this episode of the podcast we have special guest Lacey Sturm (formerlly of the band Flyleaf) to discuss her thoughts on being present minded, making the most of your talents and with eternity in mind. Also... lots of talk about Groundhog Day! x-D

Lacey Sturm is a Grammy nominated vocalist, an author of three books (The Reason, The Mystery, and The Return), a wife and a mother of two children. Her depth of thought is more than apparent in our conversation, as she has a unique and insightful look on so many things most people take at face value. We hope that this conversation inspires you to bring eternity into your present surroundings - wherever and whenever you may find yourself today!


Episode #017 - Investing In Yourself (feat. Ben “B.C. Steele” Lewis)

January 22, 2018

In this episode of the Dream Loud Podcast, we sit down with Dan's childhood friend - Ben Lewis (A.K.A. B.C. Steele) - to talk about his incredible journey going from drug addiction and alcohol abuse to sobriety and success as a manager at National Wrestling Alliance.

Ben talks candidly about using his passion for professional wrestling to pull himself out of his darkest moments in life. His advice and constant pursuit of bettering himself is great motivation to anyone looking to buck themselves out of a rut!



Episode #016 - Change Your Outlook; Change Your Life (Feat. Mike Bowen)

January 15, 2018

This week on the podcast, we sit down with our long friend Mike Bowen (a science teacher at Norwin High School) to talk about his journey from his hated dead-end job to his now dream job teaching for his Alma mater.

Mike's passion is tangible in this episode, where he talks about the moment he realized that he wasn't working towards anything in his life and needed to make a change. His threefold message of changing your mindset, appreciating the good things you already have and focusing on making small changes over time has served him well in his journey towards finding fulfillment. We are certain that Mike's story will enhance your life as well!


Episode #015 - The Band is Back in Town (feat. Josh & Lacey Sturm, Tom & Erica Gascon)

January 8, 2018

The band is back in town!

This episode of the podcast I (Ben) sit down with the touring band member's (Josh, Lacey, Tom and his wife Erica) for Lacey Sturm's solo project  to chat about how we met and life lessons we have learned along the pathway of pursuing our musical passions!


Episode #014 - Passion, Drive & Motivation (feat. Zak Lees)

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year Dreamers! Welcome to 2018!

With this inaugural episode of the for 2018, the Dream Loud Podcasters sit down with professional drummer and entrepreneur Zak Lees (formerly of Bury Thy Kingdom) and current touring drummer with Lacey Sturm to talk about:

1) How to become a professional in the music industry.

2) Why he decided to become a drummer and his practicing habits (hint: metronome, metronome, metronome lol!).

3) What it was like playing overseas for an internationally recognized artist.

4) Should you go to a university for music or other creative fields in 2018?


5) Our favorite, skilled metal bands...mostly Meshuggah! ;-)

Join us as we delve into Zak's entrepreneurial mind to hear how and why he decided to open a music school this past year and what challenges he has faced (and currently is facing) on his path to become a successful business owner. Zak's passion and drive really shine through in this episode as he talks about the mindset needed to continually push through difficulty to achieve success! We hope that you'll all find Zak's passion, drive and motivation as inspiring as we all did!


Episode #013 - Christmas Spectacular!

December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Dream Loud Podcasters!

This episode, we reflect on our personal accomplishments from this past year and look forward to the new things we are planning for 2018!


Episode #012 - Finding Hope for the Future (feat. Mike Adamson)

December 18, 2017

This episode of the Dream Loud Podcast we sit down with our friend Mike Adamson to talk about his past abuse of drugs and alcohol and to hear his incredible story of how he crawled out of a hopeless situation to become the man he is today.

With the Christmas season and end of year holidays already upon us, we want to remember the ones who have fallen on hard times. From alcoholism, drug abuse and depression; the holidays are a very difficult time for many individuals.

Mike's story is one of hope for the hopeless. Our hope is that you are as impacted as we have been in conducting this interview and that if you know anyone that Mike's story can encourage or help, please share this with them as we believe there is hope even in the most hopeless situations.


Episode #011 - Finding Your Niche (feat. Dan Flickinger)

December 11, 2017

This episode of the podcast we sit down with Dan "Flick" Flickinger, owner/operator of the Westmoreland Sports Network, to discuss following your passion, finding your niche and starting a business from the ground up.

In the conversation you'll hear how the WSN came to be and practical advice of how Dan continued to build his brand while battling through adversity. This was a very insightful conversation that we hope you find as inspiring as we did!

The Westmoreland Sports Network covers high school and college athletics in Westmoreland County in a variety of media. Local sports fans can watch and listen to games live, read detailed feature and game stories, listen and watch interviews with players & coaches and get team schedules and rosters by just a click of the mouse. WSN is the exclusive broadcast home of Seton Hill University and Pitt-Greensburg athletics and covers Jeannette, Hempfield, Greensburg Central Catholic, Mt. Pleasant, Penn-Trafford, Derry Area, Greensburg Salem, Franklin Regional, Latrobe, and Norwin High Schools.